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Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Covid-19 – Day 4!!!

I had another very bad night, as in I hardly slept at all, then developed severe restless leg syndrome. Apparently, not being able to sleep at night is one of the many Covid symptoms. I was downstairs at some bizarre hour, watching mindless stuff on TV and eating cashew nut butter on toast with a cup of tea!

I think I fell asleep early morning for a couple of hours. Tried to get back to sleep again, but couldn't and eventually got up late morning. Apart from feeling wrecked, I felt less shivery today and the pain in my right side of chest and shoulder seemed a bit better. Did lots of marching up and down the path in my garden twice today, which is getting very boring now, but need to get fresh air and keep mildly fit!

Lots of birds in the garden again, including a new count of 10 Collared Doves! Unfortunately though, one visitor was not a welcome sight!!! 🐀 I have run out of mince pies, so sacrificed some of my newly made fruit cake for the Blackbirds, they looked very pleased!

The oxygen sats and heart monitor arrived from Amazon early this evening. What a waste of money and time that was!!! Every reading was different and the numbers were so low, that basically it was informing me I was dead! Not quite!!! So that will be returned when I'm allowed out again!!! I won't bother ordering another brand!

So many staff I work with and know in the hospital have Covid right now, it is extremely worrying indeed – I hope to God they all get through this. I was in tears this evening as I watched the BBC news – the staff at University College Hospital in London were emotionally drained and in utter despair – it was difficult to watch, but I know the same will be happening in my own hospital and every hospital in this country. I started to watch 'Question Time' this evening and one of the panel said she had had a message to say that the police were picking up and taking Covid patients to London hospitals, as there was no ambulances available!

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