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Monday, 4 January 2021

Covid-19 – Day 2!!!

So, last night after finding out I had a temperature of 37.8C, I took two paracetamol, drank a glass of Vitamin C drink and had a spoonful of Manuka honey. I didn't sleep very well initially, as I was obviously worried.

This morning my temperature had gone down a bit to 37.6C and I didn't feel too bad, yet. The hospital rang me early morning to give me my test results from yesterday. I just knew what the result was going to be! POSITIVE!

Its quite shocking when you hear that. Ok I work in a hospital, but I couldn't have been any more careful. I used Detox wipes to clean my phone, case and glasses every time I came home and have a shower straight away. I have not been in any cafes, restaurants, pubs, buildings since the start of the pandemic in Spring – apart from the hospital, my only trips have been to the supermarket, a few shops such as BOOTS, birding out in the fresh air and 2 metre meet ups with my sisters for a walk. I have not hugged anyone since Spring either.
This morning, I developed a heavy pain in the right side of my chest. Hopefully I won't be seriously ill with this! I have to isolate for 10 days from the 3rd January and if well enough can leave the house/go to work on the 14th January, obviously depending on how I'm feeling.

I feel very pissed off, as I was hoping to have the Vaccine this week, had I had it last week, maybe I would have been ok?! Who knows! After being diagnosed with Covid-19, you can't have the Vaccine for 28 days from the day of being tested positive.

I have just managed to set up an on-line grocery account with Sainsbury's and with lots of problems and having to ring them twice, I eventually managed to book a slot for tomorrow! I used to do my mother's shopping on-line for her from Sainsbury's and cancelled the entire account a few years ago, but due to technology it wouldn't let me set up a new account, sorted now!

Now off to get in the shower and wash my hair, in case things get worse!

Evening update: temperature getting worse, starting to ache everywhere, pain in right side of chest getting worse – can't turn my head to right side. Going to bed after Boris's live update at 8pm.

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