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Monday, 13 May 2013

Hard Work!

Just before the storm, Eye Field, Cley.

I worked hard today to find some birds and it did pay off in the end!

Warham, West Track (Garden Drove) – parked up on the concrete pad and walked along the track and saw only Chaffinches and Wood Pigeons. In the copse at the end I saw an Orange Tip Butterfly. Walked east and climbed down into 'The Pit' and saw a Speckled Wood Butterfly, Chiffchaff and a pair of Blackcaps. Several Little Egrets on the marshes and good numbers of Brent Geese.

Stiffkey Campsite Wood – walked all the way through to the far end and saw one male Blackcap, one Chaffinch and lots of Wood Pigeons.

On another beautiful walk south of Stiffkey I heard bird of the day purring away, a Turtle Dove!!! My first this year, a lovely surprise.

Walsey Hills NOA – Bullfinches and Chiffchaffs, that's about it. Bumped into Mr Furse who's birthday it is today!

Gramborough Hill, Salthouse – photographed a Wheatear from the car window. Not alot else really, oh apart from a Sedge Warbler that flew out of the bramble across to the reed bed.
 Wheatear at Gramborough Hill, Salthouse.

Cley Coastguards – viewed distantly with scope, 4 Blue-headed Wagtails (2 males) with the cattle, at least 3 Wheatears, 1 Stonechat and several Meadow Pipits. Lots of Swallows skimming low over the marsh, as last night and attempted to take some pictures of their actions. A terrific thunderstorm occurred and the skies were really dramatic with massive forks of lightening. The rainbow and light afterwards was incredibly beautiful. Drove home in daylight which is unusual for me!
Swallows skimming over the Eye Field, Cley.

 Skylark bombs over the fence onto the Eye Field, Cley.

 Walsey Hills NOA.

The Eye Field and Walsey Hills NOA.

 The Eye Field, Cley.

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