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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Burnham Overy Dunes!

I was though, so excited about all the migrants being seen today in Norfolk and couldn't wait to get out after work. I decided to search for my own birds at one of my favourite places, Burnham Overy Dunes. It was a sunny evening and there just had to be a good selection of migrants on offer, such as Whinchats, Pied Flycatchers, Wheatears and maybe a Yellow-browed Warbler if I was lucky.

Parked up on the layby and started walking along the hedge-lined track, over the stile and then stopped to view the big sallows. Nothing, nothing at all, I was very surprised by this. Continued up to the end of the boardwalk and bumped into a lovely couple, who have been following my blog for the last couple of years and they told me they had had 6 Whinchats, 2 Spotted Flycatchers, a Wheatear and a Redstart – they pointed to where they had seen them all – in the flat area/brambles and fenceline just east of the apple tree. I quickened my pace to go and see all these wonderful birds. Checked the main bushes, the apple tree and the next gully just east of this and found absolutely nothing! I just couldn't believe it and worse still, further along there was no sign of any whinchats, spotted flycatchers, wheatears or redstarts!!! My heart sunk.

Determined not to be beaten, I continued east and descended down into the main dunes, checking all the gulley's and sheltered areas and STILL didn't find a single bird. I returned in disbelief. I did find a couple of Hedgesparrows and 3 Linnets in the main bushes on the way back, but that was it. A Barn Owl was hunting over the marsh and a Kestrel was perched on a bush. Walked back in the failing light and got back to my car at 8.30pm.

That was to date, the poorest birding EVER at Burnham Overy Dunes, very disappointing indeed. I've seen more in winter!!!

1 comment:

  1. Penny, they saw your new car...
    tweeted amongst themselves...
    "Hey, it's that Penny person. Quick, hide!!"
    What you thought was the tide breaking on the shore...
    in fact...
    them, hiding in the bushes and sniggering through clenched beaks!!
    It happens all the time....
    to all of us, all the time!!
    It is the same reason that they show...
    just as you've put the binos or camera down because your arms are tired....
    hope you have better luck at the w//e!!