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Friday, 18 September 2015

Friday Update!

I don't feel like I have had seven day's holiday already and with hardly under rare birds seen either, its been a poor birding break from work! Still, two day's to go though, so won't give up yet!

Had to wait until 11.30am for the British Gas man to come out and he couldn't do the assessment without checking with the 'bosses' first, because of the previous smoke damage and loft insulation already being taken out – long boring story, but he had to wait for the phone call to go ahead and he/I didn't hear anything by the end of the day. Nothing is ever simple and straight forward is it! The same situation with the car today – there was I thinking I would get a yes or no answer straight away, but the Skoda garage had to take photographs of the windscreen and send them off to head office who will decide my fate!!! The very nice ladies on the skoda reception arranged for my car to be washed for me, free of charge, which did cheer me a little, thank you – nice shiny car again, but with bl**dy great L shaped crack in windscreen!!!

It was early afternoon by the time I got home and cooked breakfast/lunch and then had forty winks on the sofa. I felt tired and fed-up. I had full intentions of going birding, but decided to continue with some tedious, but necessary jobs instead.

I have not seen my parents all week, so going birding locally tomorrow. This means that something big will turn up east and I will have to bomb (or rather crawl behind Sunday drivers) along the coast road, you watch!!! Someone find a mega in Norfolk for the weekend PLEASE!!! James McCallum come on!

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