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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Cruising to Holme With Lucy!

Got home from work and rustled up a quick pasta tea – a 'Penny special' where I throw loads of things in and hope it tastes ok, which it did. Picked my sister Lucy up to show her the new car and cruised to Holme to visit parents. Lucy loved the car and she said the seats were more comfortable than my old car. Lucy was/is a violinist (Royal College of Music).... long story – she was very impressed with the digital radio and the fact that you could see which composer and piece was playing on Classic FM.

The car drives with ease at 60mph and beyond I quickly discovered with foot down on accelerator! Arrived at parents and Mother's immediate response to the new car was 'it looks smaller' and 'it doesn't look as strong as the other one'. I do know what she means by this, but it's a Skoda and its scores full marks for all safety tests in all surveys, so I'm happy. She did like the colour though! I solved the music situation last night and discovered you have to copy the CD into itunes and then simply drag all tunes from itunes across into a named folder on the USB stick.

Father of course can't get out of the house and can't see anyway, so I described the colour of the car to him, as the lime green of a puss moth caterpillar, to which he smiled in response. He seems far more settled on his new tablets and looks quite good considering, but later on he started to get emotional and a bit confused again, but I think that was just because he wasn't used to have three females in the house in the evening – too much for any man to put up with!!! Every time he got repetitive and emotional over one subject, I changed the subject to something completely different and went back in time......I recalled the Christmas that he made three fabulous hats for his three daughters – each hat being totally different and made out of cardboard, tassel's, ribbons and glittery bits – there is a photo of us sitting on a low wall in the garden, with our hats on Christmas Day – I think I was about 8 years old, which means Lucy would have been 5 years old and Vivien 3 years old. I can remember those hats and the photo being taken, like it was yesterday – the sun was out, I do remember that.

I also reminisced about the Christmas Present Santa Sacks, which hung on the top of the stair banister, ready for Father Christmas to fill with presents when he arrived. I remember as a child creeping out of bed several times in the night, trying to catch those sacks being filled by Father Christmas! As children we had no idea that Father had three more identical sacks downstairs in the living room, that were filled and then swapped over at the last minute the following morning!!! This little story made Father chuckle. Overall I think he enjoyed Lucy's and my little visit this evening, but then said 'didn't you ought to be getting home?' We could see he was tired now, so said our goodbyes and cruised back home to King's Lynn.

Forgot to say yesterday, I lost another 1.5lbs at SW, 9lb's lost in total so far. A fairly good start I suppose, a long way to go yet though. Oh, and a lovely lady at work today – Angela Scott, stopped to chat briefly and said how much she enjoyed reading my blog 'its brilliant Penny' she said, 'I'm hooked'!!! She loved seeing all the characters at The Rutland Bird Fair and other pictures etc - made me smile, thanks Angela x.

I'm getting quite excited about my week off in September, which starts on Saturday 12th, as the winds turn easterly that week!!! All North Westerly winds I see for this weekend and the following week, so could be good for some interesting sea passage.


  1. Did chuckle at the "penny special" I Do A David special with pasta or rice and as you say Penny all things thrown in. This is usually ideal if I want something quick to eat after birding. My car is a limey green colour too Penny. Glad your getting on well with the Skoda. And a super well done on your weight loss.