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Tuesday, 1 September 2015


My New Skoda Fabia Hatchback 1.2 Tsi 90 SE L
With Panoramic Sunroof – Rallye Green Metallic

Said goodbye to my old car which badly needs a wash!
Skoda Fabia Hatchback SE 1.6 TDi CR 75PS
Petrol Blue

I picked up my new car this evening after work. Sam at Walkers Skoda in King's Lynn had had a very busy day with handing over new cars and was running late because of other people being late, when I arrived at 5pm, so had to wait until 5.30pm to be seen. There are so many things to learn in this car! My first impression is WOW! I love the colour and well everything really. The freakiest thing is keyless entry/start – basically, after clicking the key fob as you would do normally, you then place the keys down in the car somewhere and put your foot on the clutch, press a button (where the key would normally have gone) and the engine starts!!! It's going to take a long time to get used to that! As Sam drove the car out of the showroom, the heavens opened – my shiny new car had a drenching! I then drove the car to a garage and Sam put £30 petrol in the tank for me – thanks! Took Sam back to the garage at 7pm – huge thanks to him for staying so late. I then made my way VERY carefully home. Fortunately a shorter car was parked by the hedge opposite my house (won't bore you with the details), which allowed me to get in my drive fairly easily with my new slightly longer and wider car. Another cool feature is that this car has rear parking sensors, so if you're about to collide with something, it beeps quite loudly, very handy indeed.

My phone connected quite easily to the Mirrorlink system. But my CD's I copied straight onto a Sansdisk memory USB stick did not play – I didn't think I would get away with that. Sam explained I would probably have to copy them into itunes first and then save as MP4 file to copy onto USB stick – this is going to take some time to do!

This car is much quicker than my old one and I can see me getting used to this pretty quickly! The engine is tons quieter (diesel's tend to be noisy anyway) and when idle, it's completely silent which makes you think you've stalled the car! There is an automatic breaking system if you were too close to the vehicle in front for any reason – not that anyone should need this!

I love the interior, much cooler than the last car, but one tiny, tiny groan.... the driver's sun visor does not have a plastic strip across the corner (as my old car did) to slip all my wildlife membership cards underneath – it wouldn't have cost Skoda much to add that – that's my only moan so far. Will test the car out fully another day. I spent two hours putting all my gear back in the car and re-arranging things. Its pretty amazing how much stuff you keep in a car! Can't wait to go twitching in this car, maybe tomorrow!


  1. I was sent this very funny verse from a lovely and very well known Norfolk Birder, who regularly sends me amusing rhyme and verse. I just had to add this to my blog! For those that know me well, you can guess who this is!!! Made me laugh!

    “Congratz on your Green Metal Rallye,
    Which’ll soon help you tot up a tally
    Of much more than one tick,
    Zooming past at fast lick-
    Sending all other birders Doo-lally !”

  2. I think the colour's the best bit! At least you'll be camouflaged in amongst the greenery when you're looking for rare birds!

    Maybe we'll have to do a special deal for any readers of HB&L!

    Thank you again, Penny - enjoy the car!

    1. Hi Sam! It's not exactly a quiet green, so won't really blend in with the countryside, but I didn't buy it for that, choose that colour to give me a boost and its certainly done that! You do realise that's a 'special deal' for a possible 2,000 people don't you Sam!!!

  3. Love the colour...
    and you are unlikely to lose it in the car park!

    But, to keep all the passes, etc...
    you need to order this....
    all of £4.69... plus postage... therefore, probably, around a tenner!?!
    It also comes in other colours...