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Monday 26 April 2021

"Sunny Hunny" With Vivien!

Vivien exploring at Hunstanton Cliffs


I had a lovely day with Vivien in Hunstanton. Sadly, Lucy is not allowed in our cars yet, which is beyond frustrating, so we had to keep quiet about our meet up, as understandably this would have made her very disappointed that she couldn't join us. We met and parked up by the lighthouse and sat in deckchairs on the clifftop and had a coffee. We walked through the cliff top gardens and then broke my diet and got a portion of chips from Fisher's!!! My goodness they tasted good! I had bought a vege sausage roll with me and Vivien bought sausage and chips – neither of us felt like having fish. We sat in the shelters with seats on the front – it was so lovely here. Some Sage was out in bloom, bees were humming and a House Sparrow, female Blackbird and a Starling enjoyed some of our lunch. We lazily sat here for ages chatting and watching the world go by. Vivien amusingly remarked that 'old' people sat here and did this and then pointed out that we were old people now! OK, yes we are!

Oh dear....... we then bought a 99 ice-cream with flake and walked miles along the Promenade, past the fairground and to Heacham and back! Lots of huge signs all the way along, stating that no dogs are allowed on Hunstanton beach between the 10th April until 31st October – there were obviously lots of dog owners that needed to visit Specsavers!!! Dogs running everywhere on the beach, off leads, disturbing Oystercatchers on the shore etc. Vivien got worried, as she could see I was thinking about saying something to some of the dog owners, but I decided against as I would have got tons of abuse, wasn't worth the hassle!

The Helter Skelter at The Fairground, Hunstanton

We reminisced about our time here as children and I how much it had changed. I remember our mother taking all three of us on a boat at the huge boating lake, that used to be there! The roller skating rink has been replaced by the big 'Slippery Dip' and there are no more donkey rides for children! It was also very sad to see that the playground equipment has all been removed from the area next to the little cafe on the cliff top gardens (opposite the fish pond) and has been replaced by a seating and planted area. I bet it was to do with health and safety as all the play equipment was on concrete!

Took some fabulous arty farty photos of the Helter Skelter. Our grandmother 'Hess' (father's mother) used to take us to the fair ground and it cost 8p to go on the Helter Skelter! She also knew the man that ran the Helter Skelter and we had lots of extra fee rides. I have very clear memories of walking to the top and sliding down on a rope type mat – happy days!

Fulmars on the cliffs at Hunstanton

Herring Gull flying over the cliffs at Hunstanton
Fulmar flying over the cliffs at Hunstanton

Vivien on the beach at Hunstanton Cliffs


We walked past the Sailing Club and on to Hunstanton Cliffs. Spent a while taking some flight shots of the Fulmars gliding round the cliffs and then walked back along the cliff top to our cars and had a coffee in our deckchairs, before we both returned home. I have been so good with my diet the entire time until today, so hopefully it might not be too bad on my Wednesday weigh in!

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