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Friday, 10 March 2017

Day 16 – Back In Time!

Mother and I have tried in vain to find the main family photo album, goodness knows where my father has hidden it! But we found some fascinating items including more pictures of RAR and Peter Jackson standing by the sluice on the East Bank, RAR and my Father sitting on a bank, Father with Jack Reynolds mending a heligoland trap at Holme. So many things..... a newspaper cutting about the first 10 months at Holme Bird Observatory, who's headquarters was the Firs House then.

A big picture of my father bait digging, the Warden's cottage on Scolt Head Island and so on! Toddler pictures of my Father, my Mother in her nurse's uniform at 'Home Place', which was a convalescent home at High Kelling in Norfolk. The best picture I found was a family wedding taken in 1915 at Feltwell, where several of my Father's relatives came from – the clothes and detail in that photo is fascinating. I found a whole box of slides that RAR had taken of our family! Some toddler ones of me, that I have never seen. I could go on! Ok, I will..... the cutest picture of father was of him sitting on a little wooden cycle, holding a teddy and a plastic seaside bucket – he is smiling at the camera and looks about 4 years old. Good night.

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