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Saturday, 11 March 2017

Day 17 – Writing Eulogy!

My mother wrote father's eulogy for the funeral yesterday, with quotes and information taken from my father's autobiography (unpublished as yet) and I typed it up and amended it today, along with a few bits I added in for extra interest. There is still no sign of the family album – its big enough, I can't understand why it has not surfaced yet!

Mother and I watched one of my father's films 'Struggle for Survival' this evening, which I had converted onto DVD and some of my wedding video, to show her how slim we all were in those days! She was fascinated by the films and remembers the icebergs on Holme beach.

We have a few issues with the eulogy, we don't have anyone to read anything out, I have asked someone, but they have not got back to me. John Lincoln from the funeral directors is happy to read it out which is very nice of him, but it would have been more personal if someone who had known him read it out or another birder with a good speaking voice! Mother also has a sad poem she wants read, but again, no one we dare ask to read it out! I would love to have the strength to do this, but I won't be capable of reading anything tear jerking!

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