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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Day 24 – Scanning Photos for Funeral!

I have had a pretty chilled day, which I needed to be honest. I have been scanning old photos in of father from aged one onwards!!! These are laminated and will be on display at Holme Bird Observatory, along with other memorabilia that Sophie is arranging, including old Visitor signing books which hold several interesting signings from iconic birders – also my sisters and I have written in these books several times as youngsters!

I could have put all of these photos in the NWT Firs Visitor Centre, where the wake is being held, but it will be packed in there anyway. The observatory can be a second place to visit – walk the cake off and look at unseen photos of years gone by! Also Gary will be showing (I think) my father's silent film "Struggle for Survival", which he took on cine film in the harsh winter of 1962/63 with ice floes shown on the beach at Holme! I only had this film in video format (as did Gary), but recently got it converted into DVD's, which makes for much easier viewing! The film is shaky but absolutely fascinating and shows starving Water Rails eating from the hand, Fieldfares eating carrots and more!

Just a reminder, the funeral is this Monday at 10.45am at the Mintlyn Crematorium, King's Lynn. The wake will be held at The Firs NWT Visitor Centre at Holme as details below: 

In case anyone wonders on the day why there are no flowers or hymns, this was one of father's requests! So anyone that likes singing will be disappointed and those that don't like singing will be relieved! It will be a unique service!

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