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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Day 21 – A Better Day!

Father at Holme Bird Observatory 
A typical pose in his hat and shorts! Captured by: ©Eileen White

I was very lucky this morning, Sainsbury's kindly agreed to cancel the order, phew! All my tyres were inflated, but the same message was still up on the dashboard about low pressure, so took to garage to get checked out – apparently several customers have had the same issue. I was told it was due to the change in temperature. The car had no punctures, thank goodness for that!

Wandered round in the town centre in a daze and did some errands. Didn't go to the funeral directors, too tired, going tomorrow instead. What a beautiful day its been! Picked up my parcel from the sorting office, which was two "In Loving Memory"condolence books to be placed at The Firs NWT Visitor Centre and at Holme Bird Observatory on Monday. Visited Lucy to make sure she was ok – she's decided that she is wearing all black to the funeral with a colourful scarf.

We now have a wonderful person to read out the Eulogy and someone to read a poem which my mother requested at the funeral, so all sorted now thank goodness!

I've just stumbled across a tribute in the Lynn News HERE

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