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Monday, 13 March 2017

Day 19 – Sleep & Jobs!

Not an exciting title to my post, and it probably wasn't worth posting at all! But, I'm finding that writing a daily diary is somehow helping get through each day, and especially now its count down to the funeral. I find writing very therapeutic and really enjoy doing my blog most of the time. Although, sometimes I do feel too tired to bother to write up all the daily bird news and sometimes I can't always write, what I really want to say!

Some kind work colleagues were sending me supportive messages this morning, thinking the funeral was today, obviously they have got mixed up! The funeral is next Monday 20th March at 10.45am at Mintlyn Crematorium and wake afterwards at The Firs, Holme NWT. Here are the details again.

I got up very late today, just didn't want to get up. I keep having emotional moments and tears on a daily basis, but don't write that here on every post, as everyone doesn't want to keep hearing that! I'm sure I will feel more 'normal' after the funeral, hopefully anyway.

I wanted to wear a dark green top/jumper for the funeral as this was my Father's favourite colour, so googled 'green jumpers' and found an extravagant 'Phase Eight' asymmetrical jumper in Debenhams. I nipped to the town to see if they had one in store and luckily they did! Not lucky for my bank balance though! Went to visit Lucy for a short while to see if she was ok, then returned home.

I have been trying to get hold of Bill Oddie over the last week – he's a difficult man to hold of!!! I emailed his agent with a request, but didn't receive a reply! I sent a tweet to Bill this evening with my email address, so we will see! I had this fantasy idea, that he could come and say a few words at the funeral. Most of you are probably are not aware of this, but Bill used to visit Holme Bird Observatory quite alot in my father's day, many years ago. I can certainly remember seeing him walk up to the observatory on at least one occasion from my long term memory bank! When I catch up with Bill annually at the Bird Fair, he always remembers my father, which is nice. I last saw Bill at the Norfolk Bird Fair in May 2016. Such a pity that this event is not able to go ahead this year, I will miss that. My father would be smiling if he thought I had bagged a celebrity to attend his funeral and he liked Bill alot – can't see it happening though, one must be realistic!

Tomorrow Lucy and I have to take the order of service stuff and pictures to the funeral directors and also listen to the music they have downloaded, to make sure it is what we requested. The weather is supposed to be really nice tomorrow, not that I have been out and about in any kind of weather recently! What I really need to do is to go birding and go on a good long walk – always good for the soul.


  1. Penny, when it comes to handling grief each handles it in a different way. You were very close to your father & are understandably very upset. Spontaneous tears are very 'normal' too. Don't be surprised if you don't return to what you describe as normal after the funeral. Just go with the flow, (of tears!), one might say!
    Personally after my Father's death ( I was very close to him, caring for him after my Mothers death) I would say it took me a couple of years to return to a normality.

    There's no shame in expressing emotion & grief.
    My tHoughts are with you & your family at this very sad time.
    Good luck with tracking Bill Oddie down, no harm in trying!

  2. Penny... apologies, I have been busy here so haven't been keeping up to date.
    Reading the post where you accompanied Lucy to see your father made me think...
    he chose the migration to join the he will always be with you in spirit... and twice a year, during the migration, he will visit you in bird form... you will know when... it will be a bird acting out of character. attracting your eye!

    1. That's a nice thought Tim, thank you!