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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Canon 7D Update!!!

What a waste of a day and with the sun out too. Anyway when I was speaking to Wex Photographic earlier, they recommended a company at Watton (south of Swaffham) called Advanced Camera Services Limited who repair and service cameras and lenses etc. I gave them a ring and spoke to a very nice man called David who was unbelievably calm, considering he had to listen to a hyper, unhappy, distraught female on the end of the line! David very kindly said he wouldn't charge me to have a look at the camera to see what the damage was. So I drove over to Watton which was 27 miles from my house. The company is based on an industrial estate and with David's clear instructions I found the place ok. I was very pleased and assured on meeting David when he told me that Chris Knights, David Tipling and found out later too that Julian Bhalerao are clients of his. Can't get much better references than that! Other clients are the: MOD, Police Forces, Newspapers, Colleges, Major Photo Retail Outlets and other Professional Photographers.

David took the camera body apart and informed me that he couldn't see any serious damage and that it seemed to be working ok, so that was good news! The lens however was a different story. Since leaving King's Lynn the lens had fogged again and had become increasingly foggy whilst we were discussing the camera and lens. David pointed out a rim of water in the lens and said in his professional opinion it needed taking apart and cleaning and drying out properly. He didn't think it would dry out of its own accord. I was absolutely thrown by this, as this mean't another day, possible another two with no camera on my holiday. I almost felt like going back to work for the rest of the week! Part of me wanted to take the lens home and hope it dried out so that I could use it tomorrow and the other part of me knew that David's recommendation was the most sensible thing to do. So I left the lens with David to sort out. He said that after he had taken it apart tomorrow and cleaned it out, it may not need drying time aswell, which mean't I would be able to collect the lens late afternoon tomorrow. If it needed drying time, we are talking Thursday, plus! I am just going to pray it will be all perfect again by tomorrow. The lens is going to cost me £120 to put right. While I was there I had the 7D Sensor cleaned (a while you wait service) which cost £43.00 inc. VAT – this is something I have been meaning to do for awhile now, so glad to get that done.



Nipped into Tescos on the way home and got a few essentials and a non-essential item. I needed cheering up, excuses, excuses – I bought and consumed two apple, cream turnovers and ate one straight after the other. Hope no-one at work reads this post (ha ha) as I am supposed to be dieting with another lady – we are having a weekly weigh-in. I think this Monday's weigh in will be absolutely disastrous!

We often get so excited about seeing and photographing birds, that we forget about looking our gear. Camera gear that costs a fortune to replace and often isn't covered by insurance companies as I found out today – see Graham Clarke's experience, similiar to my own HERE 

Main Highlights in Norfolk Today – RBA
Rose-coloured Starling at Holme
Booted Warbler and Barred Warbler at Burnham Overy
Richard's Pipit at West Runton
Sabine's Gull at Waxham
Pectoral Sandpiper at Titchwell RSPB
Sacred Ibis at Salthouse
Red-breasted Flycatcher singing at Warham Greens
Red-breasted Flycatcher at Holkham
Red-breasted Flycatcher at Holme
Greenish Warbler at East Hills
Pied Flycatchers, Redstarts and Yellow-browed Warblers at various locations.


  1. Hi Penny

    I've used Advanced Camera Services in Watton a few times and they have always done a great job. Very professional. They also look at compact digital cameras (sand inside...).


    1. Hi Dawn

      They certainly do seem very professional and turned my lens around very quickly for me.