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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

An Expensive Day!!!

Got up late this morning as I was editing RBF pictures late last night, didn't have the heart to go out with no camera. Got very worried when a 'possible Pallid Swift' came up at Holme!

Lucy from Advanced Camera Services called me about 1pm to say my lens was ready and that David had been working on it all morning. Absolutely brilliant news!

The only thing I have achieved today is spending LOTS of money. Whizzed over to Watton and picked up the lens. It was a good job I got it looked at quickly, as one droplet of water had leaked in several vital places within the lens. All cleaned out and like new (as good as) and the work is guaranteed for 6 months. The £120 fee was actually £144 (VAT added), excellent price considering I could have lost the lens altogether! When David opened up the back of the Canon 7D yesterday it was only to look at the most 'expensive' bit which he said looked fine. He said without stripping the whole camera apart, there is no way he could say if all the camera's functions etc will be working ok.. hmmmm......

I then drove to Wex Photographic in Norwich. Got lost on the way – thank goodness for the iphone, googled mapped it and sat the phone on the dashboard and followed directions! I bought another 7D, and traded in the Canon 40D which I have been meaning to get rid of for ages. The quote I was given over the phone a week ago of £215 trade-in went down to £205 when I was face to face with the manager, even though I argued the point! He did agree that the 40D was in excellent condition, but the price reflected how many they had already to sell on etc. Had a wonderful surprise as there was two amazing FREE gifts with the 7D purchase: A Manfrotto 681B Professional Monopod, Head and a Stile Agile I Sling Bag!!! (normal price £78.95) and with the £80 Cashback offer aswell, I think I did quite well! So now I have two 7D's – one to keep the 300mm lens on and the other for back-up/macro, wide angle lens etc – what more can a girl want! I feel so happy right now. I also bought a new LowePro Pro Runner 350 Camera Backpack and a heavy duty waterproof camouflage rucksack cover. My North Face gortex walking boots that I bought about 3 years ago are leaking and the sole is flapping off, need some new boots really – oh dear. Oh and my 'waterproof' coat is NOT waterproof.

Drove home via Fakenham, couldn't face the traffic getting out of Norwich when I left at 6pm or the boring A47. Picked up fish 'n' chips in Lynn on the way home.

Just turned on my laptop and looked at emails and had an AMAZING Surprise!!!! See next post!!!

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