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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Car Incident Update!

The car got me home ok last night and seemed to be driving normally, but it had go to the garage asap to get checked out obviously. My garage at Walkers Skoda, King's Lynn are just the best, their service is just brilliant. I took the car to them this morning before work and left it with them to inspect properly. They kindly got one of their drivers to take me to work and then picked me up again when I finished work this evening. I had some fabulous news! My bill was nil!!! Phew! Yes, there was a hole and scrape underneath in the undercarriage, but no serious damage done and no repairs required, I couldn't believe it to be honest AND they had washed the car for me – you can't get better service than that, can you!!! Oh and the dripping liquid was simply condensation from the air-conditioning unit which is normal. One very happy bunny!

I couldn't decide whether to ring 101 or not to report this crazy black 4x4 monster that ran me off the road yesterday (and Lee, see post last night) as neither Lee or I got the Reg number and in the end I decided not to bother. BUT changed my mind after reading a local birder's comment on my facebook page this evening which said "Same one almost ran Malc and myself off the road on Sunday, black 4x4, He's just got to be local or staying in Hunston." Well, obviously its not necessarily the same vehicle, but it could be..... This was enough to sway my decision, so I just ran 101 and spoke to a very nice lady officer, who took all my details and she seemed pleased that I had rung and said the local police would keep a look out for this vehicle. As I pointed out, the next person they run off the road could be fatal!!! I strongly believe that with the speed they were going, I don't think I would been here today if I had not had quickly veered off onto the verge. I'm glad I have rung now, might be valuable evidence at a later date, you never know! It's made me angry enough to want to go back to Choseley and wait in a field entrance for a black 4x4 to go whizzing by and then follow it long enough to get the Reg number! But that would be a waste of my day off this weekend – more important things to do!

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